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The goal of our Hotdak Support Team is to get you up and running quickly, to guide and clarify your questions/Query and problem arised while using our site. We believe the best way to support you is to know you and based on that belief we have created Hotdak Personalized Support Teams.

With the Customer in mind, Hotdak has Launched a new comprehensive online "self-service" ticket system for Query and Support separately of Which is a part of Megrisoft

Query Ticket System at Hotdak Support Ticket System at Hotdak
Website Maintenance Desk

Query Ticket System at This system is to be used if you want to raise any fresh issue or need any clarification relating to our site. New Investors and Advertiser can also use this system for theory queries. This Query Ticket System will allow you to fill a form for your query/questions to our helpful staff. Fill the form with complete details of your question or Query relating to A support staff member will then be assigned to that requestt. . If Query Staff will need any clarification you will receive the email to reply the same. 

Support Ticket System at This system is to be used by Existing members or users of Exiting Investors and Advertiser can also use this
system for there queries. This Support Ticket System will allow you to fill a Support Registration form for becoming Premium Support member of Hotdak, Which is Free. You will be given User name and Password Which You can use for Support of all Hotdak  Services. You can  check on the resolution status of already opened tickets, and review closed ticket requests you have submitted in the past.

Every Hotdak Query is assigned one of our  Personalized Support Teams that from start to end will help you in resolving your problem or support request. By concentrating on your support issues, you will gain valuable knowledge about the issue raised.

The unique features of Support Ticket System let you manage your account information in only a mouse-click. The makes it easy for you to:
  • Review your Ticket status 

  • Receive new and important information from Hotdak Network 

  • Check closed ticket history 

  • Consult online support 

  • Re-open the closed ticket any time

Login In To Your Support Account 


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